Couples Counseling

Do you feel like your relationship is at a standstill? Are you and your partner stuck in the same argument loop every night? Do you feel like you and your partner are drifting away? Do you desire more intimacy between you and your partner? Do you sometimes feel as if your partner doesn’t understand you or know how you feel? Most things can be improved, changed, and bettered, with just a little support, no matter how big or small. With couples counseling you’ll learn how to communicate your feelings and needs, and get what you want out of your relationship. You’ll learn how to talk with your partner so that you both will be heard and understood.

Through what I call Communication Skills Training you’ll learn to replace blame, shame, and guilt with responsibility. You’ll learn that there are basically two types of communication, information and feelings. Information is often easy to communicate, and feelings are often more difficult to communicate. When the feelings are not communicated clearly the communication freezes or is not complete, which causes most difficulties in relationships.

With affective communication you’ll learn to keep minor disagreements from becoming World War III. Have you ever wondered why when you say something negative to your partner and they respond with the defense and then offense, saying something negative about your behavior. Then you become defensive and then offensive to them and you’re off and running, each person defending and offending after their partners offensive jab. Communication Skills Training will keep this from happening.

Some issues that bring couples to therapy are:

  • Addiction/Partner Addiction Support
  • Balance (Work/Life/Family)
  • Blended Families
  • Chronic Illness
  • Divorce
  • Extended Family
  • Infidelity/Cheating
  • Intimacy
  • Mental Illness
  • Pre-Marital/Readiness
  • Pornography
  • Sex

As a psychologist, in my couples counseling sessions I help people develop the necessary skills to maintain sustaining love. If any of the above relate to you and your partner in your relationship, contact me today for a consultation. I would love to help you reconnect and rekindle your love for one another.