The best descriptive definition of schizophrenia is a “chronic terror syndrome” and contrary to popular belief, it is curable. People who suffer from this disorder often feel that if they get close to others they will be hurt or killed. The symptoms commonly seen in schizophrenia are designed by the unconscious as a survival technique to preserve one’s safety, by keeping others deemed potentially dangerous, at a distance.

“Anti-psychotic” medication does not cure schizophrenia. Medications however, can reduce anxiety, thus decreasing the need to generate negative symptoms such as hallucinations, delusions, word salad, and the inability to take care of oneself. Most of my schizophrenic patients significantly reduce or eliminate medication.

Psychotherapy uncovers unconscious learned negative survival behaviors, and also provides patients a path to practice and learn new, empowering relational strategies. The safe, supportive environment I create, helps clients move through their terror, and slowly but surely go on to live a full, satisfying life. Contact me today to get started!